Any hotel can simply deliver service, but the great ones anticipate what their guests want and need. Transform your space into an inviting, inspiring experience that leaves guests wondering how you thought of every little thing. Add power and charging anywhere, including the bar top and the headboard. Step up your lighting with stylish switches and outlets that can be controlled however you see fit. Install charging stations outside for a unique, modern property. Mix and match our solutions to redefine your definition of hospitality

Guest room

Guest room management system

With the right lighting and temperature conditions, you can provide your guests with even more comfort. With Legrand Guest Room Management System, different scenes can be set in each guest room for a new and unique experience. The objective is to consistently satisfy guests’ needs and expectations in their rooms so that they will appreciate the ability to control the lighting, the curtains, the temperature and the fan control unit easily through the user-friendly interfaces. Using Legrand multimedia connectivity solutions, your guests will be able to connect and use their high-tech equipment in their rooms. Learn more:

Meeting Room

Cable Management

The centralisation of controls and the provision of various connections contribute to working efficiency in conference rooms and meeting rooms. Control and monitoring of lighting, the projection screen and blinds from a single point, as well as the presence of high-performance audio and video connections, will contribute to the success of meetings. Discover the range of pop-up boxes, multi-outlet extensions, cable management solutions to put together your conference and meeting rooms. Learn more:

Lobby Business Center

Lobby Business Center

With Legrand’s integrated solutions, your lobbies will be transformed into spaces where your guests can meet, work, and relax. An indication of access points and clear marking out of routes help people find their way around, in small relaxation islands or work areas, individual lighting controls in each zone and the provision of power as close as possible to where it is required will ensure convenience and comfort.  

Corridors and Stairs

Lighting Management

Legrand offers a wide range of intelligent solutions that are both flexible and scalable, with safety, energy optimisation, added-value services and adaptability as the basis to the solutions designed for our customers. We help our customers enhance their service levels by offering real added value through the comfort and service provisions for those working in or visiting the building and at the same time keeping operating costs to a minimum. Learn more:

Technical Room

Energy distribution

In the hospitality industry, your guest's experience is a top priority. Therefore, it is important to ensure business continuity with zero downtime and be able to cater to higher demand during the peak seasons. How can you ensure that your infrastructure is reliable and safe? Learn more: